Correct Facebook entry for companies

Facebook entry is important… By a Facebook entry, from time to time you can see how many companies have made a wrong entry for their own company. This can have serious consequences for the company at its Facebook page. There is a clear distinction between the personal profile and the company profile. The company profile … Continue reading Correct Facebook entry for companies

Social Media Marketing for Start Up’s

A lot of people inside a company, especially the management board, ask themselves the same question over and over again:,, Is Social Media Marketing important to us?”. The answer to that question is a clear “YES!”. A lot of users and potential customers spend various hours daily on social networks. Therefore we are going to … Continue reading Social Media Marketing for Start Up’s

Social media marketing checklist

With this Social Media Marketing Checklist we want to help you accomplish a correct strategy. As how to proceed and conduct yourself. This social media marketing checklist should not do the work for you, but it should help you organize everything in an easier fashion. A social media marketing strategy is different from business to … Continue reading Social media marketing checklist