ZEC Consulting

Legal advice / tax advice and much more … We at ZEC Consulting are a legal adviser for companies specializing in the ZEC zone in Tenerife. Our philosophy is relatively simple: “The most important thing to us, is the satisfaction of our customers”. And this is not just a saying, because for us, the satisfaction … Continue reading ZEC Consulting

LocalXpress Newspapper

LocalXpress – The new local Spanish newspaper LocalXpress is a new, remarkable and local spanish newspaper. LocalXpress is part of the publishing group IC Media, which is based in the south of Tenerife. Local Xpress informs Spanish speaking readers about the happenings in Tenerife. The newspaper appears once a month and is distributed in the … Continue reading LocalXpress Newspapper


Coworking – Central and south america A computer and an Internet connection: that is all that you need to work wherever you please. Previously, the chosen places used to work where at home or in cafeterias. Then there came coworking spaces and the world of self-employment was transformed: you could choose your own timetable, make … Continue reading COWORKING AROUND THE WORLD

Correct Facebook entry for companies

Facebook entry is important… By a Facebook entry, from time to time you can see how many companies have made a wrong entry for their own company. This can have serious consequences for the company at its Facebook page. There is a clear distinction between the personal profile and the company profile. The company profile … Continue reading Correct Facebook entry for companies


Diamondweb, with offices in Torino, Pescara and Milano, creates and maintains web pages and supports customers across the Web marketing and content creation markets. Our offices are located in Torion, Pescara and Milano. The individual areas of the services are listed below: Website creation Developing of online marketing strategy’s Social Media Marketing Video marketing Search … Continue reading Diamondweb

Spalopia Software Development

The company Spalopia is specialized in the programming of a reservation software for the spa & wellness and hotel sector. Our software will help you manage and organize your customer’s appointments. Customers can make a booking directly on your website for an appointment. All software can be quickly and easily integrated into your website and … Continue reading Spalopia Software Development


Thanks to our experience in European and Spanish law, our law firm works for international private and corporate clients from all over Europe. Under the direction of Mrs. RA Sonja Schmitz, LEGALISCONSULTING will be happy to consult you on all legal matters and in particular the following: Company law Real estate law administration of ownership … Continue reading Law Firm LEGALISCONSULTING

Social Media Marketing for Start Up’s

A lot of people inside a company, especially the management board, ask themselves the same question over and over again:,, Is Social Media Marketing important to us?”. The answer to that question is a clear “YES!”. A lot of users and potential customers spend various hours daily on social networks. Therefore we are going to … Continue reading Social Media Marketing for Start Up’s