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Legal advice / tax advice and much more …

We at ZEC Consulting are a legal adviser for companies specializing in the ZEC zone in Tenerife. Our philosophy is relatively simple: “The most important thing to us, is the satisfaction of our customers”. And this is not just a saying, because for us, the satisfaction of our customers is, in all probability, the most important task on hand. And in order to achieve this, we pay special attention to the human side of the business; We analyze the personal profile of each of our clients; We are trying to understand what has led them to become entrepreneurs; What they expect from their company; What risks and how much uncertainty they are willing to accept; What goals they want to achieve. All this, together with a high-quality consulting service, enables us to give our customers a global overview of their company, as well as a holistic consultancy that is specifically developed by and for their company, giving you valuable advice so that you do not Only achieve an optimal result, but also achieve all the personal goals so that you feel completely satisfied.

We are happy to advise you in the following areas:

  • Tax advice
  • Accounting
  • Personnel consulting
  • Business consulting
  • Legal advice
  • Financial advice
  • Real estate consulting
  • Subsidies
  • Administration
  • Translation and interpreting
  • Patents and trademarks
  • ZEC Zone

The first meeting is always free of charge and without obligation, so contact us and we will be glad to support you in our professional areas.

Contact Details

ZEC Consulting

C/ Guillermo Rahn 4 | Locales 5-6
Urb. Jardines La Quintana
38400 Puerto de la Cruz
Telefon: +34/922-384-749
Telefax: +34/922380-393

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