Coworking – Central and south america

A computer and an Internet connection: that is all that you need to work wherever you please. Previously, the chosen places used to work where at home or in cafeterias. Then there came coworking spaces and the world of self-employment was transformed: you could choose your own timetable, make use of its infrastructure and amenities, meeting people in the same situation … And so much work left with no free time. And here you are. You should be already on vacation but have not yet closed the project that you have to deliver.

From MY PLACE we advise you do not deprive yourself of travel, because there are wonderful to coworking spaces across the planet. In this first installment we talk about some in Central and South America.

Impactico, Costa Rica

Located in the Yoses, San Jose, Impactico has been open since 2014. It is a space dedicated to entrepreneurs and small businesses who believe in collaborative work. If you want to know more, go to

Magicville, Colombia

The first coworking and coliving space in Bogota allows you to work and live in the same place. Thanks to the good work creators, Magicville is attracting a new wave of entrepreneurs who come to the city. Visit them in

Coollabore, Brazil

It has been chosen by Forbes magazine as the second best coworking space in the World. Situated in  Itajai, southern Brazil, Coollabore is completing its offers with lectures and conferences. Take a look at thier facebook page.

Urban Station, Argentina

They deserve a separate entrance. At the time of writing, Urban Station have coworking spaces in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Egypt. As they explain themselves, “you enter, you choose where to sit, you connect, you serve yourself at the coffee break buffet and only pay for the time you stay.” More in

Synergy Cowork, Uruguay

Okay here we come to work, but attention: situated in Montevideo near the coast, equipped with a terrace that includes a barbecue area … It does not seem to be a bad idea, to stop by and get some work done. As they say, “Here we are breathing entrepreneurialism and innovation”. Find them on there webpage


Good trip!

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