Correct Facebook entry for companies

Facebook entry is important…

By a Facebook entry, from time to time you can see how many companies have made a wrong entry for their own company. This can have serious consequences for the company at its Facebook page. There is a clear distinction between the personal profile and the company profile. The company profile is divided into different areas. We would now like to explain what you have to look out for, so that there is no problems with your representation on Facebook.

People profile

This is explained relatively quickly. A person profile is a physical person like yourself. If you want to create a profile for a public person like Barak Obama, you should not create this profile as a person profile, but as a company profile in the area (public person). On the basis of a personal profile, the fan pages are created. This can be the company profiles mentioned or a brand or public person. Therefor Facebook makes these differences clear, because the companies- and also the Fan Pages, can be configured separately. Another aspect is quite clear that for people profiles no advertising can published on Facebook, but there are no restrictions of that kind for all fan pages, however, no matter what area. The breakdown is as follows:

Example Person Profile

  • Dad – Hans Muster
  • Mum – Deri Muster
  • Daughter – Johanna Muster
  • Son – Max Muster

Fan Pages/Areas Example:

  • Local Business or Place – Restaurant in Berlin
  • Company, Organization or Institution – Coca Cola Company
  • Brand or Product – The Drink Coca Cola
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure – Barak Obama or Nirvana
  • Entertainment – The Simpsons
  • Charity or Community – The Red Cross

Many restaurants or bars have just created a person profile for the presence at Facebook rather than making a proper entry in the right area. We now explain why it is important to make this process correct.
Advantages – correct Facebook entry
One of the biggest advantages is quite clearly that with a correct entry in Facebook, advertisement can be made, which is not possible with a wrong entry. For example, if you have a bar and you have a correct entry, users can rate their bar at Facebook. These ratings are also relevant to the Google search, as this information is passed on and has an influence on their ranking. Users can get information from their entry, such as opening times or the margin. You can see photos and see the address as well as a map section where exactly the bar is. Alone these aspects are all not possible if an incorrect entry was created. You can find out the benefits of the individual areas for an entry by simply clicking on the areas and then checking what is coming. If the one area does not suit you, you can delete this at any time again or abort. Take the time and create profiles for your company correctly. This saves a lot of time and nerves. If you do not have the time, do it by a service provider. You can find them in Google Web, or very frequently in web design agencies.
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