Social Media Marketing for Start Up’s

A lot of people inside a company, especially the management board, ask themselves the same question over and over again:,, Is Social Media Marketing important to us?”. The answer to that question is a clear “YES!”. A lot of users and potential customers spend various hours daily on social networks. Therefore we are going to take a deeper look into how important Social Media Marketing is for Start Up’s.

Every Start Up has their own idea of how to present their services or products. In order to realize this idea, or more precisely, pursue this idea in an intensive an controlled manner, a marketing strategy is inevitable. This strategy can be applied to various sectors, as for example Social Media Marketing, Google AdWords or banner advertising on theme relevant websites. Now we are going to take a closer look at Social Media Marketing. Nowadays you can find an immense variety of social networks. With the most famous being Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and more recently Snapchat. Does that mean that a Start Up has to be represented on all these social networks? No!…every Start Up has to be aware of what social network is most suitable for their business goals. For example a Start Up that commercialises an exceptional dictionary of yellow pages. Is Twitter the right platform to market these yellow pages? Probably not, but Facebook certainly is. For your Social Media Marketing strategy very important to take a close look at how this platform displays its posts. What possibilities are there to make or present your posts? Or more precisely, it is of great importance to choose the social networks best suited for representing the companies ideas.

Social Media Marketing process

The process for a Social Media Marketing strategy is very similar to maintaining a blog for the company. The more the company presents of itself, its products and its ideas, the more interesting it becomes for the users. With that being said, a Start Up that publishes once a week on Facebook, is certainly less interesting for the users, than a Start Up that publishes tow to three times a day. In addition to that comes the interaction with the users. Reviews, comments etc. are important indications that not show the user how interesting a post or a product is, but they are also so called “Social Signals” for search engines. Those are included in the algorithm and help with the rankings in the generic search engines. That doesn’t mean a Start Up should maintain its Facebook page more carefully than its own web page. In order to have a successful Social Media Marketing strategy it is of great importance to know and understand your target group inside the social networks well. That helps a Start Up in getting to know their target group in a fixed period of time and in developing new marketing concepts for the future .
With this short introduction we would like to motivate all readers to download our checklist. In this checklist you will find a step-by-step instructions of how you can effectively realize a Social Media Marketing strategy.

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